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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Malaysian property market sentiment after GE13

With the dust having settled after the 13th General Elections, all eyes are now on the freshly elected government for strategies for the real estate sector.

While other issues such as increasing the minimum purchase price for foreign buyers and reducing lending rates and stamp duties are also on the wish list of most Malaysians, latest figures released by PropertyGuru Group highlighted a continuing call for the government to address the issue of home affordability.

In the latest Property Sentiment Survey (Q2 2013) by the leading online property group, 76% feel that the government is not doing enough to curb the current price increase. This is more acutely felt in regions that have experienced a high foreign demand for residential properties, namely Johor (69%) and Kuala Lumpur (81%).

While 35% out of the total of 851 respondents claim that the outlook of the local property market will remain positive, four in five expect prices to increase further in the next six months.

Respondents also seem to favour stricter market restrictions on property ownership by foreigners, with nearly half supporting an increase in the minimum purchase price from RM500,000 to RM1 million for overseas buyers and investors wanting to buy properties in Penang and Johor.

Despite the growth in price, 74% of respondents intend to buy at least one property type (either residential or commercial) within the next six months, an increase of 10% as compared to the previous quarter. This is because of the perception that the more expensive a property becomes, the higher capital appreciation it will bring in the long term.

“There is a dilemma at play for Malaysians. As they see property prices spiral up, they also see their assets appreciating in value. But in the long term, they are also finding it more challenging to own properties,” Added Value Singapore managing director Raymond Ng says.

“Affordability is also a bigger concern for the younger adult population. There is no doubt that there are enough local funds to fuel the market and allow the government to control prices a bit better without relying on foreign investments. The challenge is finding the sweet spot that will entice locals to invest locally while not turning away all foreign investments.”

The survey was conducted by PropertyGuru Group in collaboration with Added Value-Saffron Hill, a Singapore-based independent professional research agency.

Conducted since 2010, it is the only independent local survey to measure property sentiments and expectations about the property market amongst Malaysians.

It is also carried out across the group’s four key target markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, attracting 4,062 online respondents aged 21 to 69 who are influencers or decision makers on property.

“The results are consistent with figures from previous quarters where 75% of Malaysians find property to be expensive.

Kho says Malaysians want more affordable homes and are looking to the government to deliver. 

“The message is clear; Malaysians want more affordable homes and are looking to the government to deliver. PR1MA is a step in the right direction, but Malaysians want more measures and existing measures to be expedited, Malaysia country manager Gerard Kho says.

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